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A few words about us

Aroma Greece was founded at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Of all our senses, only the smell moves directly to the center of emotions and memory of the brain that moves in the body. With a background of ancient Greek  and modern  knowledge, our natural products aim to increase positive emotions, without effort through the senses. Apart from natural aromas that make us feel great, at Aroma Greece we know that the gift and the aesthetics of the place play a big role in good psychology.  

Natural Room Fragrance Spice

Aromatics of space in Natural Candle.

To awaken the beautiful emotions, we use natural  and  creamy  soy candle  for  pure burning, we combined it with perfumes that claim mental balance and positive emotions. The range contains natural and handmade scented soy candles and wax melt for every occasion. Whether for a scented gift or a bonbonniere, or for a scented space, each one is made with love to scatter beautiful emotions with the soft natural light of their flame. 

Reed Diffusers

Perfume diffusers are a bottle, a composition of aroma and natural soy with a set of sticks. A very simple way to give the space the right scent, simply dip the sticks in the bottle and enjoy. This type of diffuser is considered an economical choice, as its cost is much lower as it diffuses fragrance for almost two months without consuming energy.


From ancient times until today, from the beginning of the recorded history, the plant kingdom has provided rare and powerful extracts and essences that have long been awarded for their medicinal, spiritual, aromatic and therapeutic value. But we do not forget that  astrology was the central feature of ancient Greek culture. Knowledge of the values, practices and worldview of astrology is a window into the understanding of science in the ancient Greek world. To achieve an exclusively personal approach to the aromatherapy experience, we created the ZODIAC series with 100% natural essential oils, specially combined to evoke beautiful emotions, while dispelling the stress, anxiety, worries, irritations that the 12 personalities tend to face. 


In the Aroma Greece workshop we create decorative candles to express your unique style indoors and outdoors. In addition to our range of handmade decorative candles, for receptions and dining areas, we work with you to create custom custom decorations to order. With the possibilities of modern technology, we create your message in a  multitude of objects, advertising, useful or decorative (such as candles, lighters, pens,  USB sticks , mobile cases, tourist items, packages, personalized objects, etc. but also cylindrical objects (candles, flashlights). , water bottles, bottles, etc.)  in stone, glass, marble, granite, wood, plastic or metal.  

At Aroma Greece you will find only natural, easy and pleasant ways of wellness. To let us also give the opportunity to express personal style by collecting products from our range or tailor-made for gift, celebration, workplace and your advertising message.

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