Sagittarius Essential Oil Blend


Sagittarius essential oil blend with pure and natural essential oils that are specially selected for the characteristics of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Essential Oil Blend – 10ml

November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius essential oil blend with pure and natural essential oils that are specially selected for the characteristics of a Sagittarius.

People in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, are “the glass is half full” types of idealists and may not want to see the negative or “bad” side of a situation. They may be afraid to see the truth that could possibly hurt them in some way. Being a positive person is a blessing, but not when it comes to hurting you. Sagittarians can be filled with positive emotions deep inside them so that they can have a big smile on those around them, making others and themselves believe that their life is perfect. This may work for a while, but eventually Sagittarius will wear out and his emotions will flare up. Sagittarius will have to let himself feel even the worst emotions to overcome them. It’s okay to be sad or scared sometimes. Sagittarius, by dealing with negative emotions, will have a true sense of happiness.

The aroma of the essential oils relieves stress and tension, encouraging the adventurous and free spirit of Sagittarius. The aroma travels to a small monastery, pure serenity with the aroma of incense and flowers.

Directions: for Aromatherapy, inhale the aroma from the bottle, or use diluted with water in an aroma burner or diffuser for a longer lasting effect. Add drops to your bath water, or dilute it well in oil or water for application on the skin. Do not drink and of course keep away from children.

Ingredients: 100% pure, verified natural grade quality essential oils. Blend of Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood and Tea Tree essential oils are selected for the Zodiac Sagittarius blend.

Essential oil Benefits 


The aroma of Bergamot essential oil helps clear the mind for better focus and concentration. The origin of this wonderful citrus fruit is mysterious. Some say it comes from China, others from Pergamon in Ancient Greece. Citrus fruits include 11 species. Named after the Hesperides, the nymphs of ancient Greek mythology, daughters of the Night and the Ocean kept by a 100-headed serpent named Ladonas, the citrus fruits were referred to as golden apples, which Gaia offered as a wedding gift to Hera. Hercules took these Golden Apples after he managed to kill Ladonas, and gave them to Erythia who offered them to the Goddess Athena. Today, citrus bergamot is known to do good to evoke genuine feelings of joy and positive thinking. It is known to help relieve stress and improve mood. Bergamot Essential Oil is Alpha Pinene and Limonene, found naturally in citrus and coniferous essential oils. Both of these ingredients are natural stimulants and antidepressants. Bergamot essential oil has been shown to soothe nerves, stress, nervous tension and anxiety, and therefore cures diseases associated with such ailments. It also helps relieve aggression, sadness and frustration, stimulating the mind and igniting creativity!


This fragrant sweet wood scent has a refreshing effect. For millennia, frankincense has been known to improve human health and well-being. From the ancient Greek culture that used its perfume to unite the future and for their direct communication accompanies them in ceremonies to the Gods. in the modern world where these vapors are used as a representation of prayers ascending to God. Today science knows that when inhaled or diffused into the air, frankincense will remind the mind of the feeling of peace, relaxation, grounding and connection. It’s perfect for entering into a meditative, spiritual state.


The aroma of lavender essential oil has the power to soothe anxiety and help relax the mind. The ancient Greeks learned a lot about perfumes and the use of perfumes. The healing properties of lavender were known in ancient Greece and refer to Dioscorides and Galen, well-known physicians of the time. The ancient Greeks used Lavender in their baths and for the beauty of the skin. The Greeks discovered early on that when the lavender flowers were burning, the aroma that was released was very relaxing. Hippocrates burned lavender in the streets of Athens as a sterilizer against the plague. Today we know that lavender has a relaxing but refreshing effect that acts as a mood enhancer. It is effective for “on the spot” stress reduction. Inhalation of lavender has a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system, making it ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, sadness / grief or fatigue.


The aroma of sandalwood essential oil helps emotionally by suppressing feelings of negativity, bringing a sense of calm to the body and mind. The Greek word for this aromatic «σανταλίνων» (Santalinon) was first mentioned in ancient Greek works around the middle of the first century AD. For the ancient Greek culture it was a valuable aromatic good that was transported by ships to Greece. Sandalwood essential oil has proven benefits through its well-documented use in various cultures over the centuries. Today we know that its pleasant and seductive aroma has a natural healing effect on the nervous system. A natural way to relax, reduce tension and feel more grounded.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, antiseptic and medicinal aroma with characteristic notes of mint and spices. Tea tree in aromatherapy is known to have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. It can help people with anxiety, chronic stress or insomnia. The aroma of Tea Tree essential oil benefits the fresh air in your home, cleanses and refreshes as it is dispersed and will awaken your senses. Essential oil has over 92 different properties and therefore has almost endless ways that can be used for wellness. It has the ability to eliminate natural + mental pathogens that are harmful to the body. Breaks down old unhealthy thinking patterns. Helps to break a constant state of anxiety or distress. It can also help reduce or eliminate despair.

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