Virgo Essential Oil Blend


A 100% pure essential oil blend with aroma that soothes the mind and calms a Virgo’s worrying.

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Virgo Essential Oil Blend – 10ml

August 23 – September 22

Virgo Essential Oil Blend of pure and natural essential oils that are specially selected for the characteristics of a Virgo.

Virgos are tender souls with fragility and sensitivity that does not exist in the other Zodiac signs. They can not be harsh, the sensitive Virgo can have trouble dealing with negative emotions without being burdened with a flood of different thoughts and feelings. It is not easy to turn off this fragile personality trait. When something happens that makes Virgo possibly become emotionally irrational, the aroma of the essential oils helps to turn off negative cues and thoughts, helping him to feel calm and activate pleasant emotions! Virgo will easily take a break from negative emotions with this blend. The selected essential oils were combined especially for the personality of the Virgin. The scent reminds Virgo of calm emotions, while relaxing the mind from the load of multiple thoughts.

Aroma that travels to the tranquility of Greek nature. The woody notes meet the freshness of the citrus fruit, with a sweet combination of flowers. It is ideal for evoking refreshing feelings for Virgo.

Directions: Use for Aromatherapy, inhale the aroma from the bottle, or use diluted with water in an aroma burner or diffuser for a longer lasting effect. Add drops to your bath water, or dilute it well in oil or water for application on the skin. Do not drink and of course keep away from children.

Ingredients: 100% pure, verified natural grade quality essential oils. Blend of Frankincense, Lemon, Mellissa, Petitgrain, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang essential oils are selected for the Zodiac Virgo blend.

Essential oil Benefits 


This fragrant sweet wood scent has a refreshing effect. For millennia, frankincense has been known to improve human health and well-being. From the ancient Greek culture that used its perfume to predict the future and for direct communication with the gods, he accompanied them in ceremonies. In the modern world you use it in church and at home to accompany prayers to God. Now, science knows that when inhaled or diffused into the air, frankincense will remind the mind of the feeling of peace, relaxation, grounding and connection. It is perfect for a meditative, spiritual state.


The refreshing aroma of this essential oil is very powerful in relieving the stress and health problems associated with it. According to Greek mythology, lemons were a symbol of wealth and love. They believed that sweet dreams came by placing a dried lemon (peel or leaves) on the pillow just before bedtime. Today we know that the perfume has pleasant refreshing properties. Removal of mental exhaustion, fatigue, stress, depression and tension from body and soul. This fragrance also stimulates concentration and awareness, so exams and daily office work are better! Peace of mind with the aroma of Lemon that can help calm the excessive thinking for better focus and efficiency of the mind.


The aroma of one of the most powerful essential oils of Aromatherapy. The word for this plant comes from the Greek meaning of the bee plant. In Greek mythology, the Bee was a nymph who taught the use of honey and where it is believed that bees got their name. Today, Melissa is widely known for its sweet, pleasant, fresh aroma and its amazing effects on the nervous system. Not only does it work wonders for the body, but it is an amazing penetrator of the deep layers of the human soul that helps restore clarity! It helps to relax the mind from the feelings of sadness and depression. Its aroma is widely used for its ability to bring acceptance and understanding to someone experiencing emotional shock, anger, fear or sadness. As its fragrance restores clarity, helping to heal the emotions hidden deep in the soul. It does not just lift the spirits, it helps to alleviate the emotions associated with mental pain and suffering. Melissa calms and invigorates, while instilling joy in every molecule of your existence!


Its aroma is wonderfully light, woody and floral, with a juicy note of citrus. Its fragrance has been used for centuries. The ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus used it to keep his clothes fragrant and to drive away the parasites that ate / altered them, away from them! Today we know that its strong aroma is widely used as a therapeutic agent for symptoms of mental fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, loneliness and nervousness. As for its regulatory properties, it is used by specialists to treat hypertension or regulate heart rate. In aromatherapy, Petitgrain is used in occasional times of stress, helping to soothe and rejuvenate the spirit. Its aroma is bright and positive, helping to instill a sense of serenity.


The aroma of sandalwood essential oil helps emotionally by suppressing feelings of negativity, bringing a sense of calm to the body and mind. The Greek word for this aromatic «σανταλίνων» (Santalinon) was first mentioned in ancient Greek works around the middle of the first century AD. For the ancient Greek culture it was a valuable aromatic good that was transported by ships to Greece. Sandalwood essential oil has proven benefits through its well-documented use in various cultures over the centuries. Today we know that its pleasant and seductive aroma has a natural healing effect on the nervous system. A natural way to relax, reduce tension and feel more grounded.

Ylang Ylang

The name means “flower of flowers” which has a sweet, exotic scent that is widely known for its aphrodisiac action relieving impotence and erotic coldness. The aroma of ylang ylang essential oil is found to transmit direct messages to the area of the brain that is responsible for positive emotions. In aromatherapy, it is used as an antidepressant, reducing stress from the body and mind through the sense of smell.

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