Zodiac Range Essential Oil Blends


12 Zodiac Signs Natural Essential Oil Blends Range – 10ml

Zodiac range essential oil blends – 12 Zodiac signs 10ml.

The Zodiac range of pure essential oil blends, help create a mood for relaxation and balance through personality and the sense of smell.

The specific selected pure essential oils in the Zodiac series, are based exclusively on the main characteristics of each sign. In this series, Astrology and Psychology with the help of nature evoke pleasant emotions, exactly what the specific 12 characters need when feeling stressed.

Virgo 10ml: An aroma that calms the restless mind of Virgo. Reminds of calm emotions, while relaxing the mind from the load of multiple thoughts. The aroma travels to the tranquility of Greek nature. The woody notes meet the freshness of the citrus fruit, with a sweet combination of flowers. It is ideal for evoking positivity with refreshing feelings for Virgo.

Taurus 10ml: An aroma that nourishes the delicate nature of a Taurus. An atmosphere that refreshes, reduces anxiety and brings a happy note to the day. Awakening the sensual nature of the zodiac sign of Taurus. An aroma of a Greek countryside, where the fresh aromas of flowers and trees lifts his mood and calms the spirit.

Scorpio 10ml: An aroma that soothes and softens the nature of the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Helps remind Scorpio of grounding. It relaxes and awakens their sensual side with the aroma of a Greek forest, with special woody notes accompanied by herbs and wild flowers.

Sagittarius 10ml: An aroma that relieves and soothes stress and tension, encouraging the adventurous and free spirit of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The aroma is inspired by a small monastery where pure serenity with the aroma of incense and flowers dominates.

Pisces 10ml: An aroma of reassurance for the sensitive inner world of the zodiac sign of Pisces, while effectively supporting their dreamy nature. Inspired by the aroma of Easter in Greece, where neighborhoods are filled with fresh spring aroma of romantic flowers and incense.

Libra 10ml: An aroma that creates calm and ground while eliminating accumulated stress of the zodiac sign of Libra. The aroma inspired by a small neighborhood of an Aegean island, offers a relaxing spicy freshness.

Leo 10ml: The aroma reminds Leo of grounding while calming their finesse. The blend for the zodiac sign of Leo helps focus by soothing worries and stress. A journey of clarity with refreshing aromas of the Greek countryside.

Gemini 10ml: An aroma to help calm the loaded mind of a Gemini. Reminiscent of a soothing trip to the freshness of a traditional Greek courtyard, with a spicy sweet aroma of citrus flowers and basil ! A refreshing aroma that knows how to reassure the Gemini.

Capricorn 10ml: An aroma that soothes the restless Capricorn, expelling tension and stress, to help reduce negative emotions that accumulate. A trip to a Greek orchard that smells of citrus fruit with a breeze of spicy and woody aromas that relax body and soul.

Cancer 10ml: An aroma that supports the sensitive emotional nature of Cancer by soothing emotions associated with anxiety and stress. An aroma of relaxation inspired by a Greek mountain, where the aromas chamomile flowers herbs and zesty freshness fill the air.

Aries 10ml: An aroma that calms the fiery temperament of an Aries. Reminiscent of calm while relieving tension and headaches. A trip to a mediterranean garden where the aroma of incense, fresh herbs and citrus fill the sense of smell with pleasant relaxation and calm.

Aquarius 10ml: An aroma that creates an atmosphere of positive emotions. Calms and travels Aquarius to the sweet freshness of the Greek plains. The feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation fills the air with beautiful emotions.

The essential oils in the zodiac blends are pure natural grade essential oils. Use for Aromatherapy.

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